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Elaqua Marine

             Official Dealer of Elaqua Marine
                                                                             100% Electric Personal Watercraft

The latest all-electric PWC from Elaqua Marine offers users four hours’ ride time and a range of 130 kilometres, with minimal impact on the environment. With sustainable vehicles becoming increasingly popular, innovative start-up Elaqua Marine has unveiled its groundbreaking new electric personal watercraft. Built in the US and packed with a host of innovative features, the all-electric 175 horsepower watercraft offers users up to four hours of ride time on a single charge, allowing them to cover up to 81 miles (130 kilometres). The California Air Resources Board revealed that a traditional PWC can emit up to 7,000lbs
(3,175 kilograms) of CO2 emissions each year. This innovative electric craft will minimise the impact users have on the environment. To ensure the best experience on the water, the three-seat personal watercraft is equipped with a range of unique software options, including the ability to connect to Spotify and Tunein Radio, GPS, Rear-view camera, and radar sensors. There is also a drone addon that will allow users to capture their adventures.


                 Charge easier, faster, and cleaner than ever before

Elaqua has partnered with Enel X, the world’s largest energy demand services company to provide exclusive offers on chargers, accessories, and energy management applications that save you time, money, and keep you out on the water.


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Elaqua Marine

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