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2024 Kawasaki Eliminator ABS

MSRP:   $6949

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Pearl Robotic White
Street Bike
1 Miles
4-stroke, DOHC
6-speed, return shift


2024 Kawasaki Eliminator ABS



When the streets are calling, answer with the all-new Eliminator® motorcycle. This bike shakes up convention with a sleek and low design, a low and comfortable seat, and light and easy handling for the most approachable motorcycle from Kawasaki yet. Don't overthink it—timeless design has been combined with modern technology so you can Just Ride.


Approachable & Easy to Ride

  • ALL-NEW ELIMINATOR® MOTORCYCLE: An all-new motorcycle is taking the streets by storm. The 2024 Eliminator® enables you to make every day exciting with timeless design cues and modern tech.
  • RELAXED, UPRIGHT RIDING POSITION: A relaxed, upright riding position accommodates a wide range of riders and inspires confidence from the moment you sit down.
  • LIGHT, EASY HANDLING: In addition to the long, low style of the Eliminator®, the chassis geometry was engineered to achieve a light, natural feel that contributes to rider confidence and stress-free riding.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CHASSIS: Significant efforts were made to keep weight low on the Eliminator® resulting in a lightweight chassis, which also contributes to ease of maneuverability and increased rider confidence.
  • LOW SEAT HEIGHT: At just under 29 inches, the Eliminator® motorcycle's seat height is the lowest of Kawasaki 250-500cc on-road models. This enables easy reach to the ground for a wider range of riders.
  • SHARE THE RIDE: With the Eliminator® motorcycle's ample power, comfortable pillion seat, and ergonomic accessory grab bar, the experience of riding the Eliminator can be comfortably shared with a friend.

Authentic Motorcycle Design

  • HORIZONTAL DESIGN: The long, low design with elegant proportions of the Eliminator® motorcycle is created by the vertically thin fuel tank and the horizontal lines from the head pipe to the tail. The design of the impressive, mid-class-sized body suggests a balance of active performance and composure.
  • KEEP THINGS MOVING: 18" front wheel and 16" rear help to further accentuate the long, low style.
  • TWIN-SHOCK REAR SUSPENSION: Twin rear shocks help contribute to ride comfort and natural handling that is reminiscent of Kawasaki's timeless design.
  • TAIL DESIGN: The tail is thin, with slash-cut lower lines that angle upwards for a sporty image, and the LED taillight brings a modern touch to the Eliminator®.

Power & Technology

  • NINJA®-BASED ENGINE: The Eliminator® motorcycle is powered by a Ninja®-based 451cc parallel-twin engine, offering strong, low-end torque. From low-speed maneuverability in the city to strong, linear power on the highway, the Eliminator motorcycle's Ninja-based engine will get you there.
  • ASSIST & SLIPPER CLUTCH: Developed based on feedback from Kawasaki racing teams, the clutch uses two types of cams (assist and slipper), providing both light pull at the clutch lever and reduced back-torque during quick (or accidental) downshifts to help prevent the rear tire from skidding.
  • TRELLIS FRAME: The engine isn’t the only Ninja®-inspired component on the Eliminator®. A high-performance trellis frame, inspired by the Ninja® 400, uses high-tensile steel construction to achieve low seat height while still sporting a performance edge.
  • ALL-DIGITAL INSTRUMENTATION: The Eliminator® motorcycle's timeless design is juxtaposed by modern, all-digital instrumentation with tachometer. An all-digital LCD instrument panel includes a bar-style tachometer and gear position indicator.
  • SMARTPHONE CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth® compatibility is built into the instrument panel and enables wireless communication while riding. Riders using a smartphone can access instrument functions within RIDEOLOGY THE APP* for an enhanced motorcycling experience. *RIDEOLOGY THE APP is not intended for use during vehicle operation. Only use RIDEOLOGY THE APP when the vehicle is not being operated and it is safe to do so. All trademarks, registered trademarks, logos, and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.